Keepin’ It Real

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. - Anatole France There are so many ways that welcoming a pet into our home will enhance our wellbeing. They will unconditionally love us AND accept us. We can walk around in our old PJs with our hair tussled and they will love us. We can be sad, forgetful and even crabby and they will accept us just the way we are. They do not try to change us. However they do, of course, … [Read more...]

Heart Prescriptions©

They are a way of healing with thought and intention. They are an intuitive method of infusing the energy signatures of several healing modalities into one symbolic shape. By the use of visualization, energetic resonance medicine, and invocation, the Heart Prescription© will infuse your pet, yourself or friend with the transformational energy needed to shift energy patterns that are causing discomfort. A Holistic Veterinarian and Medical … [Read more...]

What is the Value of Your Pet?

Ornament or Companion Have our pets become a symbol of status? Are we accessorizing with the appropriate matching pet to the handbag and shoes? Are we inventing these designer breeds to make money or to feed a breed of consumer that is different than most guardians? At first animals were domesticated to help us as humans. Horses supplied horse power and cows provided food and cow power. Dogs were there for protection and to help in the … [Read more...]

Why My Pet? – Mechanisms of Disease Developments

Ultimately it all comes down to – what do you want and where do you want to go. You don’t jump into a taxi and tell the driver how you don’t want to be where you are. Or tell the driver all the places you don’t want to go. Instead you jump in a cab and the driver asks where do you want to go? And you tell the driver and the driver uses a map to get there. When you come into a doctor’s office how often you do spend half of the time telling the … [Read more...]

Healing Multiple Modalities

Healing Philosophy We believe that given the right environment that the body does have the capacity to heal itself. We were given these abilities so we could “live off the land”. Along came man’s insatiable appetite for knowledge and we have evolved a wonderful system of medical knowledge. Conventional or Western medical knowledge is based on disease and fix. Eastern and many complimentary ways of medicine are based on cause and effect and … [Read more...]

Food – The Evolution of Feeding Pets

Why would we feed dogs people food? Did you realize how heavily influenced by marketing we are? We believe cats love fish. When have you ever seen a wild cat catch a fish? They really don’t like water and yet we believe the Garfield’isk commercials that belie cat’s love of fish. Other marketing marvels are: Handled in a human-grade facility. Does this mean it is good for your dog or cat? Most of our own food is not good for US! How … [Read more...]

What is Holistic Medicine

Veterinarian Holistic Health Care – What is It Really?©By Nancy Brandt DVM, CVA, CAC In our own lives many of us have come to know the value of Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Herbs, Homeopathy, and Nutritional Supplements and don’t even hesitate to use them for ourselves. Conversely, when educating people on "Holistic" medicine, many people have not previously considered these modalities when looking to treat their pets. Did you know that "Holistic" … [Read more...]

A Family Affair

Human Animal Bonding a Family Affair When you look at your pet or any domesticated pet you see trust and love. There is a natural attraction to animals. They seem to draw us in and lighten our load. They are an integral part of our Family. This is part one in a series of observations by Dr. Nancy, 32 years in the care of pets, on things we can do in our family to increase the health and vibrancy of our pets. You can count on your pet to give you … [Read more...]

#1 Flyball Racing Team

As owner and main trainer of the #1 Flyball team in North America it’s my job to make sure the team dogs are in top condition. Although exciting and fun Flyball can be strenuous on the dogs so when I heard about Dr Brant of the Natural Care Institute I decided to give her a try. I found that through monthly chiropractic adjustments we have prevented injuries and the dogs are maintaining their overall health, which is crucial to their performance. … [Read more...]

Charlie’s Story

My Charlie was hit by a car at the age of two. It didn't even knock him down and he just kept running. Little did I know that later on it would cause debilitating problems. One morning I woke up and found that Charlie could only move his eyes. I took him to a regular vet. He spent 3 days there with no improvement, and they wanted to operate, on what they weren't quiet sure. I called my chiropractor and he suggested a natural path vet whom I … [Read more...]