1 Year limping, gone with 12 treatments

KonaMy Golden Retriever “Kona” is a crazy active nut that Loves to chase anything you throw for her. So when she started slowing down, not running full throttle and limping, I went to Dr. Brandt to find out what we could do. During our visit, Dr Brandt told me about Laser therapy that she just started doing and of course I signed right up for a 12 session package.

After the very first session “Kona” was no longer limping, although not yet running at her full speed, but after each session a noticeable improvement. It’s been a month now and “Kona” has completed her therapy, we are back at the park now and she is running at warp speed, she is back to her Happy Nutty self.

Thank you Dr. Brandt for always staying advanced in the well being of our cherished loves!!