Charlie’s Story

My Charlie was hit by a car at the age of two. It didn’t even knock him down and he just kept running. Little did I know that later on it would cause debilitating problems.

One morning I woke up and found that Charlie could only move his eyes. I took him to a regular vet. He spent 3 days there with no improvement, and they wanted to operate, on what they weren’t quiet sure.

I called my chiropractor and he suggested a natural path vet whom I called. She couldn’t get him in immediately but suggested Nancy.

Nancy put his bones in place, gave him acupuncture treatments, trigger point therapy, and lots of herbs to strengthen his nervous system and muscles.

I was able to enjoy 5 more years with my baby dog. Just last week he got very sick and Dear Nancy had to help ease the pain. I loved him so.

I wish I new then what I know now. Charlie would not have had to suffer at all. Now all my pets get spine adjustments.

Thank you so much Nancy,
Sandi Lund