Healing Multiple Modalities


Healing Philosophy

We believe that given the right environment that the body does have the capacity to heal itself. We were given these abilities so we could “live off the land”. Along came man’s insatiable appetite for knowledge and we have evolved a wonderful system of medical knowledge. Conventional or Western medical knowledge is based on disease and fix. Eastern and many complimentary ways of medicine are based on cause and effect and prevention. We are not saying that western-minded doctors are not trying to prevent disease but many times they don’t recognize disease until the cause has already had an effect.

Today’s environments of pollution and stress have left our pet’s bodies weak and prone to disease. A lot of them go around unaware of how much better they could and should feel. We must start taking charge of our health decisions, for us and our pets to live longer and better.

“The American Cancer Society tells us that it takes 20 years to build a cancer. The doctors today treat the disease. Instead, we need to practice good nutrition in the first 20 years to prevent it.” – Dr. Bernard Jensen

What we are proposing is strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities so we can prevent and possibly reverse the effects of many insults upon our pets today. It is up to you to make the decision to step up to the challenge and give your pet the building blocks it needs to feel great. Do you want to feel better, have more energy, and be able to fight disease better? Well so does your pet.

Healing takes place in three steps:

  1. Cleansing the body of pollutants. (toxins, free-radicals, parasites, virus, bacteria)
  2. Re-building the body (supplying the building blocks and making sure the body is assimilating the nutrients and supplements)
  3. Boosting the immune system (extra protection)


50 Ways to Use Holistic Medicine for Your Pet

  1. education
    • internet research – know your source
    • know where to go to get help
  2. toolbox philosophy
  3. alchemical healing and integration of the tool box
  4. detoxification and the camels back
  5. western medicine
    • Overdosed America
  6. surgery
  7. dentistry
  8. traditional Chinese medicine
  9. acupuncture when to or not to
  10. tui na
  11. Chinese herbal medicine
  12. Chinese food cures
  13. Qi Gong
  14. chiropractic medicine
  15. applied kinesiology
  16. hydrotherapy and microcurrent
    • cold and hot therapy
    • TENS
  17. laser/light/photon therapy and color therapy
  18. magnetic field therapy
  19. rehabilitation
  20. massage/touch
  21. therapeutic ultrasound
  22. exercise/bracing/carts
  23. homeopathy
  24. homotoxicology
  25. NAET
  26. vaccinations and vaccinosis
  27. naturopathic medicine
  28. oxygen therapy/ozone therapy
  29. orthomolecular – nutritional therapy
  30. colon hydrotherapy
  31. detoxification baths / BEFE
  32. evolutionary diets/fasting
  33. cell therapy/ chelation therapy / enzyme therapy
  34. other testing techniques MSAS / live-dry cell analysis / hair analysis
  35. subtle energy medicine*Quantum physics 101
  36. sound therapy
  37. Reiki/hands on healing
    • the power of prayer and intention
  38. rife machines/chi machines/vibe machines
  39. medical intuitive
    • soul reports and mission alignments
    • cutting cords
  40. symbology – mandalas – heart prescriptions – sacred geometry – incantations – angle cards – tarot card readings
  41. behavioral modification – understanding their language and why they do what they do
  42. wild health – the evolutionary path
  43. animal communication
  44. emotional clearing and balancing (NET – NAET)
  45. flower essences
  46. gifts from the earth
  47. aromatherapy
    • therapeutic grade essential oils
    • hydrosols
  48. shamanic medicine
  49. crystal healing
  50. the power of ceremony
  51. Love the ultimate and truest source of healing
    • power of positive thinking and conscious language – faith – trust – belief – and positive mental attitude