Heart Prescriptions©

heart-prescriptionsThey are a way of healing
with thought and intention.

They are an intuitive method of infusing the energy signatures of several healing modalities into one symbolic shape. By the use of visualization, energetic resonance medicine, and invocation, the Heart Prescription© will infuse your pet, yourself or friend with the transformational energy needed to shift energy patterns that are causing discomfort.

A Holistic Veterinarian and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Nancy Brandt, Managing member of Natural Care Institute LLC, exclusively performs Heart Prescriptions©. It is a simple quick procedure which may be done over the phone, online, in person with or with out the recipient being present.

What to Expect:

There will be subtle changes in the wellbeing of the recipient of a Heart Prescription©. They may appear more energetic than they once were. They may jump up on the bed when they had not done that for months. They may have a sparkle in their eyes that wasn’t there before. They may just be happier and more joyful. Heart Prescriptions© are not designed to take the place of your traditional veterinarian. They are not for diagnosis and prescribing in the traditional sense. Seek veterinary attention if your animal companion is in need.

“As a result of Dr. Brandt creating an affirmation of intent card, or Heart Prescription™, for my beloved pet and friend, Zeek, we both received benefit! Zeek began to show signs of relief from chronic health issues and I experienced some major shifts in consciousness. The power of intent truly works!”
– Linda

The History of Heart Prescriptions©

Dr. Nancy Brandt was impressed to become a veterinarian when she was 9 years old. She knew she must help the animal world. She set a course to heal the animals. She got great grades, went to medical school and graduated. She began her “helping” in the traditional sense. Quickly she discovered conventional medicine did not hold all the answers and she went back to school and learned other medical modalities. Through extensive studies in energetic medicine and adventures in quantum physics she has developed a healing modality encompassing a pattern of infused energy signatures. This may be compared to electricity – we know it is there and do we really see it or just its’ effects?

One day Dr. Brandt was choosing to find a way to treat more patients. She realized that she has the same 24 hours in a day you have. Her outcome is to help as many animals and their companions as she can. She saw a way to infuse energetic signatures into a heart and help millions of animals all together thus the Heart Prescription© was born.

Gift everyone you know with the gift of love and life; happiness and joy; hope and serenity.

As Dr. Emoto (www.masaru-emoto.net) demonstrated in his research on the effects of intention, emotions, thoughts etc on the water crystal – the crystal changes shape in the presence of thought intention energy vibrations.

As Anthony Robbins (www.tonyrobbins.com), a leading motivational speaker, says it is our beliefs that shape us physically. Our emotional state changes our physiology. For example, you can tell a person is angry without hearing their words just by the way their body is shaped. Remember that look your Mother would give you?

Dr. Candace Pert (www.candacepert.com) in her book Molecules of Emotion, showed that emotions are capable of changing the physiology of a cell and thus our bodies. Emotions are energetic signatures created in our brain to imprint memories into our mind. In her follow up book, “Your Body is your Subconscious Mind”, she talks about the effects in the body of your stored thoughts and emotions.

As Gary King (www.paytruthforward.com) says in his work on creating health through integrity, every negative thought or lie will be reflected in our body. There is no such thing as an inconsequential lie. Every thought, every belief, every emotion carries an energetic signature and thus influences the external physical system. Just think of the “harden person” and you can see the physical changes in their face, their body and their motion.

As they said in the movie “What The Bleep do We Know?”, if thoughts can do that to water, just imagine what thoughts can do to ourselves and our pets. What are you thinking and doing around your pet? Are your pets absorbing emotional and thought energy to THEIR detriment? Hum something to think about!

Heart Prescriptions© are the method by which this mind-bending research can be infused into our pet companions.