A Family Affair

family-affairHuman Animal Bonding a Family Affair

When you look at your pet or any domesticated pet you see trust and love. There is a natural attraction to animals. They seem to draw us in and lighten our load. They are an integral part of our Family.

This is part one in a series of observations by Dr. Nancy, 32 years in the care of pets, on things we can do in our family to increase the health and vibrancy of our pets. You can count on your pet to give you enjoyment, love and comfort. They are a way for our children to learn about responsibility and caring for another being. They jog with us, they sleep with us and they even eat with us. So what have we done for them lately?

When is the last time you gave your pet a big hug and really meant it? When did you last really stay present to your pet to feel the bond you share? When is the last time you took your pet for a walk or played a game with them? When was the last time you washed their dishes?

Simple times with your pet can increase their life expectancy considerably. Dogs are especially attached to their guardians and need to know, all the time it would sometimes seem, that you are there for them.

In our rushed lives do we sometimes forget to really bond, really share and be present to our pet? Or do we simply tick their care off of a to-do list? The bond you share with your family pet can be the most powerful tool in how healthy you both are. There are many studies now showing that having a pet in your life will increase your own longevity. So the next time you are with your furry family member please stop and smell the ….. (roses?) and truly enjoy each other.

Learn from them how to leave the worries outside the door and simply be grateful for a lap to climb on. Learn from your pets how to just let go and have fun. Roll in the grass or toss a ball for no reason at all except you can. Observe your pets and how they have maneuvered into the very cushy “job” of waiting for you to come home and feed them. They take their jobs very seriously you know. Watch them stretch and fall soundly asleep. Watch them get so excited about dinnertime. Watch them, observe them, listen to them, our dogs and cats really are a great role model for enjoying life. Enjoy them today. No worries, just enjoy them and both of you will help each other stay healthy, happy and vibrant.

Dr. Nancy Brandt’s practice includes over 50 integrative medicine possibilities such as acupuncture and chiropractic. Dr. Nancy is recognized as the Pioneer in Veterinary Aromatherapy and its safe and effective use. She lectures world wide, consults via phone and locally in Las Vegas. Dr. Nancy is passionate about educating guardians on integrating holistic options. She is a single mother of three amazing children. For further information go to www.nancybrandtdvm.com or call 702-617-3285