Food – The Evolution of Feeding Pets

foodWhy would we feed dogs people food?

Did you realize how heavily influenced by marketing we are? We believe cats love fish. When have you ever seen a wild cat catch a fish? They really don’t like water and yet we believe the Garfield’isk commercials that belie cat’s love of fish.

Other marketing marvels are:

Handled in a human-grade facility.

Does this mean it is good for your dog or cat? Most of our own food is not good for US!

How about tortilla chips for dogs?

Is this marketing for the health of a dog or to appease our need to feed snacks to dogs and cats that resemble that which we would want to eat? If left to the wild canines are carnivores and would like LIVE food. FRESH food and not processed food.

How about microwaveable popcorn for dogs with enriched

“dog ONLY” flavors?

It says in the ad that veterinarians have been feeding dogs popcorn for years. Why would we feed grain (corn) to carnivores that eat meat? What does it really mean “Veterinarian approved”? It means the ad executives found one veterinarian to approve it.

Let’s start becoming a more conscious consumer. Remember advertising is not designed to educate truthfully it is designed to get you to buy the stuff. Remember even if you think you would love it and your dog or cat would love it – IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS HEALTHY!

Animals and our digestive tracks are designed to take in natural and in the raw or close to raw state of food. If you believe in evolution or God then both contend that we should eat of the land.

Before you purchase the next – “Oh my gosh isn’t this cute” item think about the health of your pet. Do they truly care if it is shaped like a fish or a tortilla chip?

The pet food recall was a wake up call to feed our animals with the utmost respect for their value. They do not deserve to die or suffer because of inadequate feeding and marketing jingles. If left to their own devices they would choose healthy food over fun gimmick food.

What is the value you place on their head?

Luvs, hugs, wiggles and whiskers,
Dr. Nancy Brandt, Holistic Veterinarian