What is the Value of Your Pet?

value-of-petOrnament or Companion

Have our pets become a symbol of status? Are we accessorizing with the appropriate matching pet to the handbag and shoes? Are we inventing these designer breeds to make money or to feed a breed of consumer that is different than most guardians?

At first animals were domesticated to help us as humans. Horses supplied horse power and cows provided food and cow power. Dogs were there for protection and to help in the hunt. Cats were deified – of course.

So how did we go from fulfilling needs and companionship to “does my dog fit in my hand bag”? What is up with all the “celebrities” accessorizing their outfits with pets?

I attended an expo for pets one year at which I was offering services at extremely reduced prices. This expo is a place for people to show up with the pets they love. There were many vendors there from regular medicine, to pet hotels, to pet boutiques, to rescue organizations, and my services as holistic medicine.

The people would flock to the boutiques and rave about the $300 collar they just bought their designer breed pet. They would criticize the rescue efforts to rescue any pet which did not look great. They walked by my booth and laughed. Why would anyone spend money for chiropractic for pets or what acupuncture for pets who would spend that kind of money? These of course are the same individuals who were carrying around the $300 collar.

Who deserves the care the pet or the designer labels?

People wake up and realize your pet is living, breathing and caring about you. Step up and do what is best for them. Even if they think the $300 collar is ugly and uncomfortable they will still prance around in it just because they love you unconditionally. They would do anything for you. Will you do anything for them? Or are they a handbag you will throw away when the next designer breed comes out or if they start looking worn and torn?

Decide what type of guardian you will be and then accept the beautiful loving spirit you are caring for as a gift for you. They are here to teach and guide us back to what is truly important in this world – compassion – love – caring – uplifting others burdens unconditionally and selfless service. They are not here to accessorize our new designer duds.

What is their true value – ornamentation or unconditional companionship and guidance? Knowing their true value now what is your next step in their vibrant happy life?

Luvs, hugs, wiggles and whiskers,
Dr. Nancy Brandt, Holistic Veterinarian