Why My Pet? – Mechanisms of Disease Developments

iStock_000011303686XSmallUltimately it all comes down to – what do you want and where do you want to go.

You don’t jump into a taxi and tell the driver how you don’t want to be where you are. Or tell the driver all the places you don’t want to go. Instead you jump in a cab and the driver asks where do you want to go? And you tell the driver and the driver uses a map to get there.

When you come into a doctor’s office how often you do spend half of the time telling the doctor every thing you don’t want. Why not just focus on what you do want.

The power of focus is essential to the healing process. I have studied powerful mind medicine. Every time I learn a new technique I am always looking for a way to apply it to the welfare of animals and the guardians I am committed to enhance their relationship with. It all comes down to the thought we hold as the outcome. Are we focused on why my pet is diseased or why my pet is vibrant and alive?

If the guardian feels the pet will die it will, if they believe they will live, they live. In the first scenario the guardian is putting out thought energy of death in the second they are focused on life and therefore they get what they focus on. (More about this powerful tool later)

The true power to live is in believing you are living. Give up focus on death and begin to live. Give up fear of loss and focus on how grateful you are for each moment. Give up focus on lack and focus on the abundance. You truly only ever have what you have. The universe does not operate on this or that it gives all that is asked for. In the movie, “The Secret” they demonstrate that every thought is granted ask and it is given; yes every thought.

When my patients come in I hold the intent that I will facilitate the healing that must take place. The healing that is needed on the fullness of the universe or quantum field. In the video, “Create Your Day” by Ramtha he states that you are interconnected with the quantum field or universal energy and therefore can create for your self what the day will be. You can think it into existence. Alchemy – wizards – and magic are imagined into existence. Edison imagined (thought) the light bulb into existence. Walt Disney imagined (thought) Disneyland into existence. Einstein stated, “Your imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions.” Great discoveries were imagined first. Every thought is granted.

What you focus on, you get. Have you ever wondered why people hit a one foot wide telephone pole when there is 100 feet between them? What are they focused on – don’t hit the pole – so what do they look at then drive toward – the pole.

Medicine today is so focused of fixing symptoms and illness no wonder there is so much. Why not focus on life – even when we focus on prevention we are looking at preventing hitting the pole or some disease. We must start focusing on wellness – living – being. We must start focusing on what we have. Focus and be grateful for what you have right now.

Our first exercise will be to focus on all the positive wonderful things you have right now with your pet. This should be positive and not include “don’t haves” as soon as you say, “don’t have cancer” you are focused on cancer your brain does not noticed the negation statement. For example if I say to you right now do not focus on blue – what color did you instantly think of and bring into your consciousness? BLUE. And would you jump in a taxi cab and tell them, “don’t take me to Marriot Hotel”, all he will think of is you must of meant take me there because that is the locator word you used.

The essential ingredient in all medicines is to focus on wellness, the enhancement of, the positive, the thought of living, the thought of joy, and enjoying, with gratitude, the abundance in your life. As soon as someone is diagnosed with cancer they focus on it and all the thoughts of well meaning doctors telling them they have 6 weeks to live and so what happens they focus on 6 weeks. WHY –because the doctor directed the focus there.

My Mom lived 16 years with end stage lung cancer because of one thing – she focused on living fully everyday and therefore she did. My youngest came home from school really grumpy and I just asked, “What was GREAT today?” She just lights up and tells me how great her day was and how happy she is and the whole energy of the room changes. Our mood, our thoughts affect the health and outcomes of our pets.

Focus on every day, every moment of greatness you have with your pet!!!

What’s great today???

What may be great is you have an amazing pet who loves you.

Buddha once said that the chances of being incarnated as a human being are 1-in-billions. With that he suggested that we honor our humanness with great gratitude and service to others. We should honor those souls with respect of the miracle they truly are. There is a reason we were incarnated as a human. Do you know what yours is?

I then asked the question what are the chances of being incarnated as a dog or cat? What are the chances that a pet is there on purpose to serves us? Hum – something to think about.

I have often longingly wished to return as the pet of some of my wonderful clients. I had a dog yesterday that can not use one leg and another leg is now worn out and not working, she has Cushing’s disease, mammary masses, poor hair coat among other discomforts and yet she goes on supplying unconditional love for her guardian. Her guardian is financially stressed to do what is the best for her loving companion and yet is still finding ways to do so.

I asked her guardian this question:

“What is the lesson in all of this for you?” “Why is your pet having all these difficulties when other pets do not?”

I urged her to consider one thing:

“Maybe this is her way of best serving you?” “Maybe she had mission papers to come to you and help you with the way of the world and your own struggles?” “Maybe this is a way for her to help you?”

I believe that animals come here to serve a mission. They are here to help us return to our true Human nature of lifting others burdens and of service. Mother Teresa is an example on one such selfless human being. Every animal that comes in my clinic is an example of selfless service to both me and their guardian.

Sometimes I don’t feel I can heal the animal’s body and I do feel I can heal their soul. If I can intuitively tune in and deliver their soul’s purpose I have healed more than if I can fix their leg. Can you imagine the deep grief involved in not living your destiny or not completing your mission?

This beautiful little dog just looked up at me and said please deliver my message to her. “Tell her the lesson in this is selfless service to others. Tell her I am teaching her to lift others burdens by her having to lift me up and carry me around. This is teaching her and this is my mission I was sent to carry out.” This beautiful guardian burst into tears and proceeded to tell me how this very message from her caring pet was what she had needed to hear.

What are the chances you are where you are with the pet you LOVE right now?


So is it possible this is not an accident but rather a pre destined union of two souls each to serve the other? What is your pet doing to serve you and most importantly what are you doing to serve your pet? So maybe the better question is not why my pet but why are we blessed to spend this time together?