Meet Dr. Nancy Brandt

“My mission here is to educate people on Holistic Medicine and the possibilities it offers. I believe that there are miracles in medicine and there are answers when we think there is nothing more we can do. Yes, it is Possible!   -Dr. Nancy Brandt”

Has your Veterinarian ever said these words to you – “There is nothing else that can be done.”? Have you ever wondered if maybe there really is something else that can be done?

Have you ever just settled for OK when you would really like to do more?


Dr. Nancy Brandt has dedicated her life to making companion animals and their guardians live a fulfilling life and enjoy each    moment they have together.

“I believe animals are here to serve us and our emotional needs they teach us to sit back and smell the roses, just don’t take life so seriously, and to enjoy each other and love unconditionally.”   -Dr. Nancy Brandt

Because of this belief Dr. Nancy has pursued over 38 certificates in alternative medical therapies to help enrich the life of animals and the relationship between them and their guardians.

“With out vibrant health there really is no enjoyment. If we are spending time in pain or discomfort we are not living life to the fullest.”   – Dr. Nancy Brandt

Dr. Brandt is offering you seminars and one on one consultation to educate you on many options for a more fulfilling life with your pet. Click here to submit a question

Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CVA, CVMA attended the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical School and graduated with honors in 1990. Before attending medical school she attained a 5 year triple BA degree in biology, chemistry and physics. In 1998 she began her studies in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine, naturopathic modalities like homeopathy and pioneered the field of Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy.(R)


She has studied human behavior models for over 10 years now and uses aromatherapy to assist the collective consciousness of pet and guardian. In 1999 she founded the Natural Care Institute, an exclusive holistic veterinary practice focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and other modalities for animals. She has a truly integrative approach to health. She has traveled worldwide promoting a holistic approach to healing.

In 2015 she founded the VMAA – the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association. This organization is dedicated to setting the standard of practice of aromatherapy use in animals and educating the public and veterinarians in this vital art form. This organization promotes educating all who choose to use aromatherapy with animals regardless of the affiliation with any one oil company. It is time that the veterinary industry take charge of regulating this medical art form to protect both the animals and the essential oils.

 A wellness focused practice for special needs pets who may need daily or weekly therapy to promote wellness and harmony. 


She is the Mother of 3 lovely children and 1 grandchild, dogs and horses. It has been her lifelong dream to be an educator for medical practitioners. She is uniquely suited to teaching, as she has spent years integrating multiple medical modalities into her practice of healing. She is an asset to bridging the medical worlds with hundreds of case studies.

It is time that we take back responsibility for our own healthcare options.

“I believe that if we can look at the different modalities (i.e. Conventional or Western/ allopathic medicine, chiropractic, naturopathic, acupuncture or TCM, homeopathy, Aromatherapy, and other vibrational or energy therapies) we will find a solution for our pet’s health needs.”   – Dr. NancyBrandt

When Nancy was 9 years old she made a promise to heal animals. This launched her into learning medicine. Upon completion of veterinary medical school in 1990 she came to Las Vegas and began her medical career. Quickly she learned that allopathic or western medicine did not supply her with the answers for her clients. So 17 years ago she began educating herself in alternative, integrative, or holistic medicine. Since then she has attended multiple seminars, courses and workshops on many subjects.

“My goal is to educate people world wide on the benefits and the truth about integrative medicine.”   – Dr. Nancy Brandt

Dr. Brandt is a single mother of three beautiful children. She blends her time between nurturing them and educating pet owners.

“I love every moment I have learned from their great spirits.”   – Dr. Nancy Brandt

“I believe through educating ourselves we can empower ourselves to make better medical choices for ourselves and our pets. Only through a complete toolbox can we really appreciate how much there is to help us.”   – Dr. Nancy Brandt

It is our goal to find the answers to the questions you did not even know could be asked for this purpose Dr. Brandt has developed a teleseminar: Ask Dr. Brandt.

Founder and Medical Advisor to Natural Care Institute, LLC

Natural Care Institute, LLC was established in Jan 2000 with education in mind. Offering the Las Vegas community other alternatives and choices for their pet’s health, NCI provides a wide variety of medical modalities, seminar series and educational workshops open for anyone considering further possibilities.

Dr. Brandt says this about her role as clinical director of Natural Care Institute LLC:

“I am responsible for developing our educational programs, researching new products and therapies and developing advanced protocols integrating numerous medical modalities. I strive to find answers and empower my clients with many choices to best suit their needs.”

Dr. Brandt is the go to veterinarian for second (and third) opinions.

“There are millions of people looking to increase the quality of their pet’s lives and they don’t know all the options.”

Ask Dr. Brandt now aims to provide the same level of service worldwide.

From the time of a very little girl of two years of age Dr. Brandt was healing. She had emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix and was “healing” all the other children in the ward. Her mother came in and asked what she was doing out of her bed and Nancy wisely said that all the other children needed her gift.

At 9 years old she told her mother she wanted to become a veterinarian “because they fix the animals”. When her mom asked why she wanted to fix the animals Nancy told her “the animals tell me what is wrong and I want to help them”. Well her wise mom then informed her that she should do really well in school so she could go become an animal doctor.

That is exactly what Nancy did. Graduating in 1990 from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Nancy Brandt came out fully equipped to help those animals. Or did she? While out in practice for a few months she soon learned that traditional veterinary medicine could not help all the animals. A year later Dr. Brandt began her journey in search of answers for the animals.

There were many answers and many questions. Dr. Brandt studied and read, became certified and trained wherever she could, and learned how to expand her mind to unlimited possibilities. Dr. Brandt realized that the little girl of 2 knew the answer all along; just give your gift.

“This has been an incredible journey so far. The journey continues, and this website reflects all additions to what I call the Complete Tool Box ™ of Holistic Veterinary Medicine. I choose to serve vibrant souls by sharing my gifts with them.”   – Dr. Brandt

Link to recorded interview with Dr. Brandt   – Interview on Vaccinations and more