#1 Flyball Racing Team

As owner and main trainer of the #1 Flyball team in North America it’s my job to make sure the team dogs are in top condition. Although exciting and fun Flyball can be strenuous on the dogs so when I heard about Dr Brant of the Natural Care Institute I decided to give her a try. I found that through monthly chiropractic adjustments we have prevented injuries and the dogs are maintaining their overall health, which is crucial to their performance. … [Read more...]

Charlie’s Story

My Charlie was hit by a car at the age of two. It didn't even knock him down and he just kept running. Little did I know that later on it would cause debilitating problems. One morning I woke up and found that Charlie could only move his eyes. I took him to a regular vet. He spent 3 days there with no improvement, and they wanted to operate, on what they weren't quiet sure. I called my chiropractor and he suggested a natural path vet whom I … [Read more...]

Dr. Brandt: A Variety of Services

We have used Dr Nancy Brandt for the canine members of the family for the last three years and highly recommend her and the various holistic modalities she uses. She is very caring, gentle and understanding of our pets’ needs and also those of their human caretakers. We particularly like, and believe it has benefited our pets, that not only is western medicine an option, but so are chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic, Chinese herbs, flower … [Read more...]