Testimonials/Inspirational Stories

Please Tell Us Your Story!  From Moco’s Family
When my dog Moco walked out of the room
in early January, his head hanging low, breathing hard and looking in complete pain, my fiancé and I both looked at each other and wondered what possible happened to him. I was immediately in the phone and called the 24hr emergency vet, but they said his symptoms could possibly wait until morning and to take him to his regular vet, so we did and all they said was that maybe he pulled or tore a ligament and sent us home with some pain medication. As the days went on he got worse, barely able to walk and we took him once again to his vet, this time demanding a X-ray. As results came in all she could do was refer us to a neurologist, she herself not able to tell us what was wrong with him. So after having a consultation the neurologist believed he had intervertebral disc disease in his neck. We tried steroids, pain medication and muscle relaxers, but nothing seemed to help. So I then began to research other options, myself being a nurse I knew there had to be something we could do without having him suffer through surgery, MRI’s and painful procedures. I then read many articles about Accupuncture, we were completely skeptical, we thought Accupuncture for our dog, there is no way? As time went on and days of thinking he was never going to be the same I made an appointment and off we went. Meeting Dr. Brandt has saved my dogs life and has taken his pain away session by session. He was hesitant at first but now almost trots in to see her. Dr. Brandt is so loving and caring towards my dog, she makes him and myself feel at ease. I cry when I think about how grateful I am to her, she gave us our dog back to us. He can now run and jump and he is 99.9% back to his old loving self. We will always hold her dear to our hearts because of the second chance Moco has at being just a regular old fantastic Boston Terrier that he is, after 7 months of worrying constantly, we are finally at ease. Thank you Dr. Brandt, sincerely,
Sharon, Steve and Buster (his little brother is over joyed to have his playmate back) 


From Buddy’s Family

Dr Brandt has been treating my dog Buddy for several years. He is now almost 18 years old and with her help has been treated holistically for Cushings disease, a heart murmur, and just general old age. I am very grateful for her knowledge and compassion.
She works in harmony with other “regular” vets if necessary, trying to provide the best care possible.
Not too many people can claim to have a dog live to 18 years old, with some health issues, rarely having to give any pharmaceutical meds, only her “Magic Herbs” as I like to call them.
Thanks for taking such good car of my little Buddy ;o)


A word from Jamie ….


Dr. Nancy is amazing and truly cares about the animals in her care. She has a very special relationship with all animals and I feel blessed to have found her.  She has helped all my dogs by treating them holistically. Her staff is also kind and caring and can’t be beat.  Many people find Dr. Nancy when other vets can no longer do anything for a pet, so they say, “try her.” What people find is that Dr. Nancy’s skill and knowledge of holistic modalities improves their pet’s life. My Jack Russell was always afraid of the vet and would shake and whine during the vet visit. The first time we went to Dr. Nancy, she adjusted her spine and my JRT laid down on the floor and relaxed. She loved going to see Dr. Nancy. I know all my dogs are going to have a longer, healthier, life because of what she has taught me. If you want someone who loves your pet, knows their stuff, and spoils her clients – then you want Dr. Nancy.