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servicesHolistic Medicine can be compared to a puzzle. It requires assembling enough information and factors or “Puzzle Pieces”, to see a clearer picture of what is going on. As well as, having enough options for treatment to solve the present issue, such as a carpenter has enough tools to get the job done.

The Key to Dr. Nancy’s approach is collecting more puzzle pieces and linking them together to see a clearer picture and then offering an integrative approach that supplies enough ingredients to increase vibrancy and quality of life.

Ways to Collect Information: PUZZLE PIECES
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Asking Questions

Dr. Nancy acts as your advocate. Being educated in many medical modalities and 32 years in veterinary medicine allows Dr. Nancy to ask specific questions to point us in the right direction.

Spinal Analysis

Dr. Nancy has studied many techniques of spinal analysis. Dr. Nancy combines those to collect as much information we can from specific palpation of the joints and muscles.

  • Chiropractic
  • Osteopathic
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Tui Na

TCM Exam

Traditional Chinese Medicine developed over 4000 years ago. They, back that long ago, had to rely on their senses, not technology, for diagnosis. Today this is still a very valid method to glean information that even today’s technology cannot.

  • Tongue Analysis
  • Pulse Analysis
  • Questions
  • Active Point Analysis

Physical Exam

Routine Physical Exam taught in Veterinary Medical School in the hands of experienced practitioners will often reveal large parts of the puzzle.

  • Pulse, Respiration, Heart Quality, Temperature, CRT, Mucus Membrane
  • Body system Analysis

X-rays / Ultrasound

These are technology which allow a view within the body.   Often Dr. Nancy will interpret this based in the other medical modalities theories of how the body works.

Blood work

This is chemical technology which allows a screening of what may be going on inside.

Specialized Testing

These tests will be ordered often based off the screening tests.  They are more specific tests that may narrow down the possibilities.

Applied Kinesiology

A method used frequently by chiropractors, to check the bodies response to possibilities.

Pendulum / Dousing

A method used frequently by energy healers to check the energetic response to possibilities.

Medical Intuition

A person who is using higher brain functions to “sense” deeper patterns of disruption that could narrow our search for answers.


Meridian Stress Analysis System - One way to test remotely the quality of your pet’s energy system is through a meridian Stress assessment.  Dr. Nancy uses a Biomeridian system (FDA Approved) to collect information about the flow of energy in your pet.  For complete information on how this can work visit the Biomeridian site at

For information on submitting samples for a test please see our products area of the store.

Long Distance Analysis

Dr. Nancy offers an energetic exam for her long distance clients.  Often this will point us in the direction of further testing by the local veterinary partner and / or will direct us to use specialized blended remedies to increase vibrancy and quality of life.

Integrative Approach: Medical Modalities / Ingredients / Tools
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Using Medical Grade Essential Oils to effect a change in the energy or physical body of the pet.  Dr. Nancy is the first Veterinarian to compile 12 plus years of clinical research utilizing aromatherapy in practice.  She has also developed the first ever course in Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy and is recognized  as the Pioneering Veterinary of this emergent Veterinary Medical Modality.


Using short lever manipulation to effect a change at the spine or the joint that changes the feedback information and therefore lessens pain or erroneous input / output.


One part of TCM that uses various means to activate specific locations on the body that have been found to create specialized feedback for the body to return to homeostasis.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

One part of TCM that uses blended herbal formulas as prescription medicine based on the TCM approach of diagnosis.  Often these formulas were not accepted and written down until they were effective for over 250 years.  Today there is extensive research into how they work pharmaceutically.


Collected medical modalities from ancient healers many of which are Native American.  Folklore healing often is presented as shamanic healing also.


5000 year old Indian method of medicine integrating herbal, essential oils and food as a means to bring balance back to the living system.

Nutritional Planning

Individualized planning of the nutritional needs of your pet, based on genetics, age, and degree of wellness.

Food as medicine

Integration of Chinese Food Cures, Ayurvedic and Law of signatures Dr. Nancy uses food as a means to correct imbalances.


Utilizing vibrational healing from the earth many times will correct imbalances by simple placement of stones with in the home.

Sacred Geometry

Utilizing many forms, elements, color, mandalas and even patterns to energized an area of the home to assist with balance.

Flower Essences

Subtle essences that have been know to balance the emotional aspects of our energy.


350 year old modality of medicine that utilizes a specifically diluted remedy that can capture the quantum field of that medicine and more effectively transfer it to our pets.  Quantum field mechanics are now proving the link to Homeopathy.


Developed by a MD and HOM to allow for allopathic and homeopathic medicine to work in unison.  This is a stand-alone modality that can utilize the conventional diagnosis with the effectiveness of homeopathic dilution remedies.


A study of medicine based on the physiological pathways of the body’s own ability of healing.  Often ND’s will study homeopathy, nutrition, acupuncture and essential oils.  The main difference is that they will utilize products to assist the natural pathways of detoxification and elimination to assist the body’s natural elimination of the “DIS-EASE”.  The belief is that the body made the “dis-ease” as a means to control the disruption to function and natural flow of the body and that we can utilize the natural physiological pathways to eliminate the need  for the “dis-ease.”

Massage / tissue manipulation

Utilizing many means of tissue manipulation to increase the bodies natural flow of fluids and energetic inputs and out puts.

Physical therapy

Manipulation of the mechanical flow of body parts to regain strength and mobility.


Based on many modalities of study Dr. Nancy will suggest different movements you can do at home to assist your pet in returning to a more normal function.


Based on the study of Veterinary Medicine and 20 plus years as a veterinarian Dr. Nancy may suggest a pharmaceutical approach to healing. Often western medicines can have a strong effect upon the bodies homeostasis so Dr. Nancy will suggest these medicines based on an integrative approach.


Because Dr. Nancy is also a regular Veterinarian she can suggest surgery as a viable option.  She can also give you feed back on what could occur if surgery is not chosen.  When surgery is performed with Dr. Nancy she utilizes an integrative approach that will utilize methods from all the modalities she has within her toolbox.


Ways to tap into Dr. Nancy

Set up a Plan of Action with the Advocate for Vibrant, Healthy, Happy Pets and the Guardians who Love Them.

Which Medical Modality Approach to use?

  • How do you choose the next right step? [LINK 50 ways webinar]

Are you Cure or Outcome Driven?

  • Why are you seeking help?
  • Are you determined to fix what is broken or are you looking for ways to enjoy the time you have with your pet?

What are some things you can do at home for free that impact the health of your pet greatly?

  • Belief Systems / Emotional Climate [LINK animal bonding webinar]

How Many Options for Treatment are there and how should you prioritize them?

  • What do the different Tools in the Toolbox / Possibilities do?
  • When is the right time to use them?
  • What order should I try the different options?
  • Should I throw the kitchen sink at my pet or can we prioritize the treatment plan?
  • The ingredients to the recipe for the Health of your Pet
  • What it takes to make the pie (plan) whole (Holistic) Work! {LINK tool box webinar]

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1. Ask Dr. Nancy

Ask Dr. Nancy A simple way to ask a simple question and get an answer directly from Dr. Nancy.  Expect a week for a response.  If your question is complicated or more information is needed Dr. Nancy will suggest a phone consultation. Ask Dr. Nancy

2. Prevention Planning

Follow Dr. Nancy’s easy Holistic step by step planning kit for your pet.  Prevention is the best cure for any disease.  Learn how Holistic medicine can support every aspect of living.

3. Longevity, Vibrancy, Health Planning

A more comprehensive “Whole” approach to true Holistic living for you and your pet.  Buying time that is painful and uncomfortable is not a good investment.  Develop a program for your pets that leads to vibrancy.  We spend a lot of money on palliation of symptoms and not enough on preventing those symptoms from ever developing. Click here to schedule a Phone Consult

4. Chiropractic Clinics

Monthly scheduled times (see Calendar) for discounted spinal care for your pet. Save time and money and increase the health of your pet.

These clinics are designed for existing clients of Dr. Nancy in the Las Vegas area. Only a spinal adjustment will be provided. Comprehensive exams and questions will not be included.

If medications or food are to be picked up PLEASE make arrangements by phone with the office ahead of time. These clinics are a rapid administration of spinal health and, to respect the time of everyone, cannot accommodate extra needs.

This is a first come first serve process with many animals present. Please be prepared for a short wait and please secure your animal in a manner that they will not interact with other pets.

First time visit is $45 per pet. Subsequent visits are $25
Check or Cash only to facilitate a speedy clinic.

5. Phone Consultations

A Dr. Nancy phone consult is designed to serve as an advocate for your pet and design a viable plan of action given all the puzzle pieces collected.  Which tests to do next, what modality would be the better next choice and setting up a plan of action that adjusts to your pet’s reactions and needs.  Phone consults do not replace regular veterinary care rather they are an adjunct to that care to investigate the full range of possibilities with in Holistic medicine. Click here to schedule a Phone Consult

6. Webinars / Seminars

A Webinar with Dr. Nancy is a live lecture via your computer and the comfort of your own home.  The live presentation may include audio, power point visuals, video and even live demo’s as needed to educate you.  Ample time will be allotted for Q&A.  

All you need to tune in to the audio and visual portions is a computer and Internet connection.  All you need to tune in to the audio portion is a phone.   The advantage to a live Webinar is the interactive Q&A portion.  If content is all that you require please also look at our downloads of prerecorded material.

7. Wellness Assessments

Downloadable form to assess the current vibrancy & happiness of your pet.  When you submit the form Dr. Nancy will then make recommendations based on the questionnaire.  You will receive a reply with in 1 week via your email.


Pre recorded educational materials that will give you insight into the world of veterinary holistic medicine.  Please visit our shopping area for our variety of materials.

9. Courses

Dr. Nancy is offering the first of its kind course in Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy.  Dr. Nancy Brandt is recognized as the pioneer in the emerging modality of Veterinary Aromatherapy and the safe and effective use of essential oils in animals.  Many years of clinical research is presented in a easy Webinar format from the comfort of your own computer.  Monthly live interactive webinar, study discussion groups, homework projects and unlimited email Q&A for the month are included with each module.  The Basic course is a 4-module course.  You can pay by the module or you can save 10% by paying for the whole course up front.

See calendar for dates and times.  See our shopping area for full details.

10. Clinical Consultations

Dr. Nancy is now seeing patients at Natural Care Instititute LLC with in this state of the art facility to offer even more services and to provide a better variety of hours. Please continue to call 702-617-3285 to schedule your appointments. Dr. Nancy provides a comprehensive full spectrum Holistic view to your pets issues and sets up a plan of action that is tailor fit for your pet.

11. Veterinary Referral / Second Opinions

Many times pets are referred to Dr. Nancy via their regular veterinarian.   Dr. Nancy provides a referral form [FORM] for your doctor to use to make that referral.  Also include most current blood work, x-ray analysis, cytology analysis or ultrasonic findings.  What you have already done are big puzzle pieces that will help determine the right next step.

12. Animal Hospice Planning

Dr. Nancy Brandt DVM and her partner Veronica Selco MSW co created the Las Vegas Animal Hospice. [LINK] Often when we receive news of a disease that cannot be reversed we opt for euthanasia. Sometimes we feel it is not time yet for euthanasia and yet do not want our pet to suffer. Human hospice has taught us a lot about how to live whilst we are dying.

Through educational materials and palliative care provided by Natural Care Instititute LLC we support your loved one until they choose to leave naturally or until you both feel it is time to say goodbye and opt for euthanasia. Hospice statistically among humans provides a opportunity for closure and saying all that should be said. Many times Dr. Nancy has taken a pet that was deemed ready to be “put to sleep” and through council and care provided months to years of quality living and loving.