welcomeI have designed NancyBrandtDVM.com to be a tremendous resource. It is here that you can learn about the many tools that are possibilities for your fight against disease in your pet.

Here you will gain an understanding of the importance of having an advocate for your pet. There are a lot of places to spend time on the Internet.  I would love to partner with you in gaining an education here and to offer you mentoring in your quest to be the very best pet guardian you can be.  Join me in an interactive educational journey into the soul of your pet.  My practice of medicine is all about the celebration of the whole animal.  My approach is designed to honor your feedback – on our journey together – to transform the life of your pet.  I now offer online training for various holistic approaches to longevity and vibrancy.

I already have tremendous respect and admiration for you because you choose more from your relationship with the pets you are entrusted with.  You are their human guardian and I admire you for being in the top 10%, by looking for more possibilities.

You are in the right place! Some people, who have complacent mediocrity, do not come here for answers they remain mainstream.  You demand more. Explore the site for multiple ways to get your questions answered.

Those rare few, who come here for ideas and possibilities, already understand the precious gift that they have in their pets.  Your pet is exactly the right one for you, exactly the right teacher, companion, soul mate and friend.  I am committed to that bond, the magic, the relationship that is unique to you both.  Fill in a brief form on why you value your pet.


My role here is to serve you as your navigator through the precious moments, years, events, and questions of your pets’ life. Just ask me. My phone consults serve as your advocate to design a viable plan of action given all the data thus far collected, direct you to the better next steps, give you an understanding of which modality of medicine would serve better and finally set up an individualized plan of action that adjusts to your pets reactions and needs.

The essence of a holistic approach to living is through being a mentor, advocate, and coach for the many pets out there and the guardians who love them and choose to give them the best.

Through NancyBrandtDVM.com learn how to keep your pets in the best physical health, best energy and vibrancy, best emotional state, best psychological state and best spiritual state and create a home that is the most healing for your companions and for yourself. Consider our services and products today.

This is my love and passion and allows me to serve you and your pets.

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Luvs, Hugs, Wiggles and Giggles,