Who is Dr. Brandt and why is she different?

Dr. Brandt went back to school for 6 extra years to study many medical options to bring to you a diverse set of options for serving you and your pet. Click here for full biography. … [Read more...]

What is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

It is a more complete set of medical modalities all combined to see and offer a bigger set of options and possibilities.  It is not one type of medicine it is using all the gathered medical possibilities and then coming up with a recipe from that for success. For further information, click here. … [Read more...]

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a way to deliver medicine in its energetic form to maximize effect and minimize side effects.  For further information, click here. … [Read more...]

What is acupuncture?

An ancient Chinese technique well researched and used for thousands of years with great success.  The technique involves stimulating specific points on the body which have been shown to assist the body in repairing itself.  For further information, click here. … [Read more...]

What is chiropractic for animals?

In the case of Dr. Brandt it is a short lever approach to spinal health involving hands on manipulation to increase the nervous energy to the body and enhance the signals for healing.  For further information, click here. Click here for an article on spinal therapy. … [Read more...]

What is medical intuition and why is it different from animal communication?

Medical intuition was first coined by Carolyn Myss and is the ability to sense what is going on in the energy field of the body and thus the effect of that on the physical body.  This may include physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual data.  This differs from communication for Dr. Brandt because of the wealth of knowledge her intuition has to access and then form puzzle pieces from. … [Read more...]

What are Animal Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Medical Grade Essential Oils for animals?

Dr. Brandt is a pioneering veterinarian in the field of therapeutic medical grade essential oil use (or commonly misinterpreted as aromatherapy) in animals.  Dr. Brandt has over 20 years clinical experience in the use of these potent plant oils in the healing and service to animals.  More information on this will be posted in the articles section of this site. … [Read more...]

What consists of a typical physical exam?

As a phone consultation this is not a physical exam at all - this is more of an advocacy to help you decide your best next step with your pet. As a client of Natural Care Institute LLC you will be accessed via western medicine, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine and finally intuitive medicine observation. Then Dr. Brandt would discuss your options and educate you so you may choose the best plan of action. … [Read more...]

Why can’t you give a diagnosis over the phone?

With out the physical observation and touch of a skilled practitioner, the data collected is limited to what others see and is limited by their experience rather than via all Dr. Brandt’s experiences. It is like trying to paint a picture over the phone the artist needs to feel the canvas and see the results. This is the same as an exam. Even if it may look like the exam only took 5 minutes the skilled hands, ears, eyes and nose have collected … [Read more...]

Why do you schedule one hour for a new client appointment?

To fully discuss all the options and educate you, the guardian, so you can make your best choices for the pet you love, to be able to have time for the first treatments and also to fill all prescriptions and do any research necessary. … [Read more...]