12. Animal Hospice Planning

Dr. Nancy Brandt DVM and her partner Veronica Selco MSW co created the Las Vegas Animal Hospice. [LINK] Often when we receive news of a disease that cannot be reversed we opt for euthanasia. Sometimes we feel it is not time yet for euthanasia and yet do not want our pet to suffer. Human hospice has taught us a lot about how to live whilst we are dying.

Through educational materials and palliative care provided by Natural Care Instititute LLC we support your loved one until they choose to leave naturally or until you both feel it is time to say goodbye and opt for euthanasia. Hospice statistically among humans provides a opportunity for closure and saying all that should be said. Many times Dr. Nancy has taken a pet that was deemed ready to be “put to sleep” and through council and care provided months to years of quality living and loving.