Why can’t you give a diagnosis over the phone?

With out the physical observation and touch of a skilled practitioner, the data collected is limited to what others see and is limited by their experience rather than via all Dr. Brandt’s experiences. It is like trying to paint a picture over the phone the artist needs to feel the canvas and see the results. This is the same as an exam. Even if it may look like the exam only took 5 minutes the skilled hands, ears, eyes and nose have collected hundreds of pieces of data and through real contact via the senses then paint a picture of what is truly going on. If left to other’s interpretations the data could be different. Just think about one’s view of a picture vs. another’s view of the same picture.

If a phone consultation is conducted. Via www.nancybrandtdvm.com, she will act as your advocate and advise steps to take and will not diagnosis over the phone.